Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Fallen and I can't get up!

It's been awhile since my last post, life has kept me busy. Also, I haven't had anything truly annoying happen to me in awhile. I must admit my life is pretty good.

What prompted this post was a Facebook post by my cousin's husband's niece. She apparently fell down for no apparent reason this morning. Her fiance turned around and saw her sprawled on the ground and his FB post was "All I heard was a loud *THUD*...and I turned around...And you were sprawled out on the sidewalk...The only thing funnier would have been if there was a chalk outline...LOL" You would think his first instinct would be to check her well-being and then help her up. I'm sure that crossed his mind initially, but incident was probably just too funny to not laugh.

So why am I annoyed? Well, not because of what happened in the post, but the similarity to the whole government bailout thing. Millions of people are being affected by the economy tanking and especially hard hit are those who over extended themselves when buying a home whether using an ARM loan or assuming that their salary would catch up to the payments. Whatever the case, they've fallen and can't make the payments. So who do they turn to? The government.

Now my understanding of how the government "should" work is that it is there to help keep the country( town, city, county...etc) infrastructure running smoothly and to regulate the rules so everyone is playing on the same field. It is not the government's job to bail you out when you make a mistake or have a decision go south on you. Just because your company is failing or you can't make your home payment doesn't mean the government should bail you out. It all goes back to personal responsibility (as my blog readers know is my biggest pet peeve). You made a decision, you have to live with the consequences. Don't go clamouring for someone else to bail you out. You made the choice, live with it.

It boggles the mind to think that what our country needs is to put itself into more debt to help "relieve" the debt of those who made poor decisions. How does that help? Why is that a good idea? Most of those people who are getting the help knew what the potential consequences of their decisions were, they just didn't believe those would come into play. Now that it has, they are crying foul. They should have to suffer for their choice, made to feel the consequences of their actions. Otherwise, they'll just keep on doing it. And that doesn't help anyone.

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